Some of you know me and some of you don’t…

My name is Caleb Austin Smith.

I suppose if I had to give you an immediate self identifier it would be that am an “inline-skater”…

Or at least that’s what my current sponsor Rollerblade (thank you Rollerblade) kindly asked me to say.

But for the last 25 years I have called myself what everybody else calls me

a Rollerblader 🍊

but for the sake of brand guidelines and keeping the wonderful people at Rollerblade happy and continuously wanting to support me on this beautiful journey I will call it by it’s correct name “inline-skating”.

I get it though, inline, your wheels are inline, makes sense

and for the sake of quick easy intro’s this blog will be mostly about my life journey through inline-skating and my observations of the human condition//

• Highlights of my wild adventurous quest

• A stronger focus on social justice and world issues

• Spotlights on the incredible people I meet along the way

• And my sometimes deeply personal secrets, thoughts, ideas, goals, and perceptions of the world

I hope in these words, images, and videos you find something you are looking for,

Maybe freedom, maybe a new way to see and express your own thoughts,

Or maybe the inspiration to see that we are no different, we all have a unique magic to carefully manage, flourish in and spread out into the world.

As I continue this journey and find personal growth I invite you as the reader, as my fellow human being-

Please realize you are a part of this journey, so talk to me, be my friend, share with me your thoughts and ideas.

Together we can find so much richness and life to share with each other no matter where we are or what lifestyle we perceive ourselves living in.

You can find me on other social media’s here//

IG: @Kaleboston

FB: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100025046953702

For now

Peace, Love, and good vibes.

– Kaleboston