A hero’s heart,

Here this goes,

The last few years I have been shifting my life in the direction that feels truest to my soul.

I have learned many lessons and given up many of the things I once thought I needed to be happy in my search for a higher purpose.

I am constantly striving to reduce my negative footprint on this planet,

& striving even harder to greatly improve my positive impact on this world & the people I share with it.

Through fully embracing my passion for skating and allowing my heart to flow freely within this universe I have achieved some of the greatest accomplishments of my life these past few years.

Some of you know about my 492 mile skate across Iowa I connected to a children’s charity, or the double century I did last October at the A2A road skate to raise support and bring awareness to/for victims of sexual violence.

I’ve travelled, skated and filmed awesome things, but it wasn’t until I started doing my skating for something bigger than myself that I finally started to feel like a hero and a human who is contributing to this glorious journey we call life.

My ambitions may be framed differently for the world but that’s okay, because I understand myself and what I wish to achieve and that is the first step to better understanding the world and making a difference.

Through this understanding I am doing things I would have never thought possible.

I’m taking my art, my body & mind, my pure unwavering passion for skating and becoming the hero I envision within myself.

I don’t have a hero name other than my online handle @kaleboston which most people seem to think is my real name and I’m okay with it.

But I do have something far more important than a name,

I have the symbol

This symbol is an idea I have felt and embodied for a while now.

It’s the combination of two things I love…

I love clementines.


I love rollerblading.

Anybody who knows me knows I always have a clementine with me, especially when I’m skating and I’m always ready to share, take a segment please and enjoy my friend.

So this is my hero symbol.

And here I am, as an artist, a friend, a regular person and aspiring hero trying to use their potential to change the world asking you,

Will you support these causes I am taking on as the inline skating, clementine eating crazy man that I am.

If you believe in me and the things I’m trying to achieve I want to share with you my next big project.

I’m starting an adventure club.

As the universe unfolds and shows me the next cause I am destined to pursue I will build campaigns

I’m calling them campaigns because a campaign is organized activity with an end goal often around social causes.

With each campaign I will be creating a set amount of patches tied around my causes and ideas.

I will layout each campaign and the goal I intend to reach and give you the opportunity to support this cause if you so believe in it.

So without further ado here is the launch of my first campaign,

it’s a double wammy!

Pt. 1

Shannon’s Century

– 100 mile/one day skate in STL, Mo

Starting today I am launching a week long campaign focusing on heart health both physical and emotional.

I will be sharing some of my favorite things I do that help me to take care of my heart.

Things like skating, yoga, and recipes for some bomb delicious easy meals.

As well as some fun tidbits about the heart you might not know.

All of this building up to my first century skate of 2019.

For those of you unsure of what a century skate might be…

It is skating 100 miles in one day.

It takes extreme mental and physical tenacity to be able to achieve a goal as mighty as 100 miles.

I’ve discovered with success and failure that I can never do this alone.

It always takes two extra ingredients that I don’t have.

1 – the support, energy and faith of my friends(you)

2 – an end goal that is bigger than me & farther reaching than 100 miles.

(a.k.a – the motivator)

The motivator for this campaign is my cousin Shannon.

Ever since we were kids my cousin Shannon has always had a beaming smile and cheerful disposition on life.

I have fond memories of her doing diy magic shows for us kids at family reunions. Jumping on the trampoline at her house, and general kiddo activities that were good for the heart.

I also have memories of her giving herself insulin shots since she was 11.

That’s when she developed type 1 diabetes.

As a kid not fond of shots I always thought how awful it must be to have to do this everyday.

Those shots were the least of it though.

Shannon’s heart has a bicuspid valve that should be a tricuspid valve. This causes her heart to push blood to irregular places in irregular amounts, and the constant fluctuation of blood sugar forces her heart to work even harder.

Before my cousin could consider the struggles of her heart she had to first address the issue of her pancreas.

Type 1 diabetes can be cured but only with a very risky transplant of the pancreas and even that isn’t a guarantee.

For those of you who don’t know about diabetes or the pancreas,

basically your pancreas does two things, it creates enzymes to help digest the food you eat,

and it creates insulin which regulates your blood sugar allowing your body to absorb and use glucose which can effect various parts of your body including your heart.

Type 1 diabetes is caused by your immune system attacking the pancreas slowing and or stopping completely the creation of insulin in your body.

My cousin Shannon is an amazing person and I love her very much.

I am so happy to say that last week she had the pancreas transplant she so desperately needed and it was a 100% success!

BUT We all know that insurance is a bitch.

Straight up.

So as soon as I heard my cousin was having this life changing surgery but insurance could only do so little to help her I knew I had to step up and do something.

So I feel very blessed and excited to make Shannon’s recovery the motivator of my first campaign of 2019.

After all if family isn’t a motivator for the heart I don’t know what is.

I have started a GoFundMe to reach the goal of $1,000 to aid in my cousin’s recovery and time off work the next two months.

You can find the gofundme here⬇️


All I’m asking you for is a donation of a couple dollars, the price of a cup of coffee.

The proceeds will go directly to helping shannon with her medical expenses and basic necessities while recovering from surgery.

Each donation is also a sign to me that you believe in me and my goal to use my skating and love to change the world.

Pt. 2

The Clementine


The Kaleboston adventure club & Blog

Today I am finally making my blog public.

I’ve been searching for my voice and direction for a while now and I’m finally feeling comfortable with where I am headed.

So I am releasing my blog to the public with the promise to share with you honest, raw human emotion and detailed stories about my life, adventures, and campaigns to change the world.

I’m a little nervous but nervousness is part of being a human.

So.. about that adventure club..

With each campaign I do I will be creating a set amount of patches/ original artwork to help aid in the support of my causes.

So it’s only fitting that my first patch would be my hero symbol

The Clementine

I have hand embroidered 30 patches each unique in their own way like every clementine.

You can find my patches here ⬇️

The Clementine Patch

This week 50% of the proceeds from these patches will go directly to Shannon’s recovery aid.

The other 50% will go towards my next big campaign of getting 7 pairs of skates and wheels to skaters in Lagos Nigeria, (and to help support the kids in the skate scene there) more on that very soon.

If you’re still here thank you.

It means the world to me that you have given me some of your time and energy today.

I hope that no matter what I do I inspire you in someway to see the beauty and potential of this world.

We are all hero’s in our hearts and have so much to give to those less fortunate than us.

I hope that I see you very soon and we can share segments and laugh and celebrate this lovely life we have.

Until then

Peace, love, good vibes

– Kaleboston